2016 Multi-national Border Control Trainees Visit Yuhua Police Station
Release Date:2016-09-28 11:31:34 The Translator:Wang Jiao The Auditor:Colin MacIntyre Reading Quantity:

On 23rd May, 2016, all participants from the Training Course on Border Control for Neighboring Countries, hailing from the nations of Bulgaria, Jordan and India visited Yuhua Police Station, Chenggong Substation, of Kunming’s Public Security Bureau. The police station director and other leaders warmly welcomed the visitors and introduced the development of the police station in terms of its history, advantages, the current situation and other aspects.

   The training course grouptoured all of Yuhua Police Station’s facilities and had wonderful communication with station leaders and officers. Director Xiao of Yuhua Police Station gave an expansive introduction on the foundation and construction of the police station. The station’s deputy director then introduced police duties, criminal cases, detection rate and public order in detail. All participants of the training course also visited the station’s police room and video surveillance room.

As that day’s training course chairman (a daily rotated position),Mr. Merdzhanov Milkothe, the Border Checkpoint Chief of theBorder Police Head Directorate inBulgaria’s Ministry of the Interior said that police officers of Yuhua Police Station take on a lot of work as urban security managers and social security defenders, noting that they have nevertheless reconciled complexities and difficulties of urban management and served the people well in utilizing advanced technology and high-level management measures. MerdzhanovMilkothe also hoped that there would be more communication and learning on both sides for mutual benefit and improvement in future.

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