Sri Lankan Cyber Crime Seminar Participants Visit Yunnan Statistic Inspection and Identification Center
Release Date:2016-09-28 11:37:49 The Translator:Du Hao The Auditor:olin MacIntyre Reading Quantity:

At 2:30pm, July 1, 2016, in the company of Mr. Jia Xueming, director of YNPC Information and Network Security Institute, all participants of the Sri Lanka Seminar on Cyber Crime Prevention and Identification held at Yunnan Police Collegeheaded for the Yunnan Public Security Department Statistic Inspection and Identification Center. Mr.Wang, political commissar of the Cyber Security Division, also accompanied the participants throughout their visit.

The participants gave special praiseto the high nationalization of software and hardware apparent in China’s cyber security system, while expressing admiration for the enviable development speed and level of skill on display in Chinese cyber technology. On the premise of insisting on secrecy, the Chinese interpreter and guide gave careful and patient explanation, which was greatly appreciated by the participants, who learned a lot from the warm and friendly communication.

The visit was arranged on the basis of supplementing the seminar teaching, and as hoped, the participants did come away with a better understanding as a result. The theories they had learnedin the seminar were now seen being put into practice. Furthermore, they had a greater appreciation for the cost in effortpaid by China and difficulties China encounters on the field in the issue of preventing cyber crime. All in all, the visit achieved a satisfactory result.

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