YNPC Opens Training for Thai Royal Police Cadets
Release Date:2016-09-28 14:11:15 The Translator:Li Peigen The Auditor:Colin MacIntyre Reading Quantity:

Approved by the department of Public security of and invited by Yunnan Police College, a student delegation consisting of 17 cadets and 3 instructors from Thai Royal Police Cadet Academy, led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsak Polkerd(Inspector of Cadet Command Division ), paid a visit to Yunnan Police College on March 14-27th, 2016.

The delegation visited the History Hall of the College, Comprehensive Training Base, Underground Shooting Range, Key Labs for Forensic Science, Mental and Physical Health Center and Student Dormitory. In order to help the delegates better understand the police education system in China, some courses were also provided, such as Chinese Police Management System, Defense and Control, Policing Tactics, Police Weapons and Equipments, and Outreach Trainings, which offered the Thai delegates to participate into the practical trainings. A  field study to Dali City was arranged, too.

This visit deepened the mutual understanding between the two police institutions, promoted the friendships, and laid a good foundation for future law enforcement cooperation between two countries.

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