Canadian Policing Expert & Vice President Sun xuehua Visit to Qianwei Police Station
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During oct.7 to 14, authorized by China’s Ministry of Public Security, policing expert, Alan Rodney Gehl, from Justice Institute of BC province in Canada offers lectures and seminars for our academy.

During the period, Mr. Rodney, accompanied by vice president xuehua Sun, pays a visit to the Qianwei police station of Xishan public security sub-bureau. The team led by Mr. Rodeny and vice president make a field visit to community policing center of local district and service command center of Qianwei police station, following with a discussion and experience exchange with police officers there. Police officers present 3 typical cases solved through the assistance of video surveillance. Mr. Rondey speaks highly of solving cases through the assistance of video surveillance and the practice of community policing.

Since the launch of talent-attracting program in 2011, a total number of 7 policing experts from Canada have come to our academy and conducted academic exchange, covering the range of criminal investigation, counter-terrorism, drug control, public order management, cyber security, crime prevention and criminological research etc.

These discussion and experience exchange make great contribution to expanding teachers’ horizon and enriching teachers’ knowledge. The persistence of this program is a practical measure to push our internationalized school running model forward smoothly.


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