2016 YNPC Admission Prospectus for International Students
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I. About YunnanPolice College         

Yunnan Police College, founded in 1950 and upgraded as an undergraduate academy in 2003, has obtained the qualification of enrolling students of professional master’s degree of policing in 2012 and international students on October 2014. Up to the present, the college has been built into a comprehensive institute with the following functions: Narcotics Control Police Officer Training Base of Ministry of Public Security, Science and Information Technology Training Base of Ministry of Public Security and Police Logistic Management Training Base of Ministry of Public Security, the Training Base for the Police Officers from Southeast Asia, the National Training Base for newly nominated directors and political commissars in police bureaus at county levels, the national Training Base of the Law Enforcement Regularization for the Public Security Organs at County Level the National Test Agency of the Chinese Martial Arts, the National Training Base of the Self-Defense Tactics, the Exam and Assessment Base of Civil Servants of Yunnan Province, and the Research Base on Drug Problems of Yunnan. Yunnan Police College has been honored as Institute with Excellent Social Reputation at provincial level, a Provincial Excellent School and a Garden-like School. It also has been awarded first class collective merit once and third class collective merit twice by the Ministry of Public Security.

Up to September, 2014, our college enjoys its faculty of 482 in numbers, among which, 140 are associated professors and professors, and 182 with Ph.D. and MA Degrees. The College covers an area as wide as 1382.16 acres along with its construction area of over 20,000 square meters. The library has a total collection of approximately 1,020,000 books (including e-books), 708 kinds of journals with 8462 volumes of their own. There are 54 common classrooms with 3935 seats, 87 multi-media classrooms with 7456 seats, 30 labs, 3188 apparatus for teaching and research. The total area of sport ground covers 72,659 square meters.

There are five disciplines in our college, namely, law, sciences, Engineering, Management and pedagogy. And fifteen undergraduate majors are available, namely, narcotics control, laws, public security, criminal investigation, border control, computer science and technology, Criminal Science and Technology, traffic controlling, Public Security Intelligence, economic crime investigation, public affairs management, social work, information security, Police Canine Skills and sports education, as well as 14 tertiary majors such as investigation, public security and traffic management, etc. In addition, there are several research institutes in our college, such as Institute of Criminal Science and Technology, Narcotics-Control Research Institute, Forensic Center, and etc. National Professional Characteristic has been endowed to three of the majors. Along with the existence of three key laboratories at provincial (ministerial) level, one provincial key discipline, one provincial key major and 8 national excellent courses can be found in our college. A great many of teachers have achieved considerable success. There are 1 National Excellent teacher, 2 National Excellent teachers of Police Colleges, 2 National Excellent teachers of higher education, 1 National Teacher Model, 1 National Staff of Police Colleges, 11 Provincial prominent teacher, 3 Provincial prominent teacher’s studios, 4 provincial teaching teams, and 100 Provincial( ministry level) experts. The number of national funded science and research projects ranks the top of its kind among all police colleges.

The College lays as equal emphasis on education and training for in-service police officers as academic degree education. Up to August, 2014, more than 300 training programs including nation-wide, province-wide trainings for 30,000 in-service police officers of all types of work have been accomplished.

The College is committed to Social services. Teachers and students who served as volunteers in social practice of “bringing culture, technology and healthcare skills to the countryside” have been commended for many times.  Teachers and students have shown their high proficiency and great endeavors in big events. We have provided security service in the Kunming World Expo of 1999, Kunming Trade Fair, Kunming International Tourism Festival, Kunming Ethnic Dress Expo, GMS conference, Torch Relay of the Beijing Olympic Games, the 16th International Association of Anthropology and Ethnology, China-South Asia EXPO, the 26th Shenzhen Universiade. We have provided duty service to Kunming International airport. We also have made remarkable achievements in the teaching skills competition of police colleges and national art contest of police colleges. During these activities, the College has gained merit recognition by the Ministry of Public Security for three times.

The College has promoted a broad range of international communications with the Ministry of Home Affairs, police agencies and police education institutions of neighboring countries, and some countries from Europe, America and Africa. We have established friendly relationship and put forward win-win cooperation with Royal Thai Police Cadet Academy, Police Academy of Cambodia, Lao People’s Police College, Myanmar Central Police Training Institute, British Columbia Justice Institute of Canada, Macau University of Science and Technology and University of Macau. We have providedmore than 60 training programs on narcotics control, border control and traffic management for over 2000 officers from over 40 countries ofAsia, Europe and Africa. Now, the aid constructions provided to Nepal Armed Police Academy, Police Academy of Cambodia and Lao People’s Police College are being pushed forward.

After 60 years since its foundation, Yunnan Police College has been supplying various kinds of talents up to 80,000 for the public security organs and political-legal departments at different levels throughout Yunnan Province, and all over China.. Media, such as Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, China Central Television, China Education Daily, China Police Daily, Yunnan Daily, have made reports about the education of the College.

II. Location and Transportation Information

1.  Location of Yunnan Police College:

No.249, North Jiaochang Rd., Kunming, Yunnan

2. Transportation Information:

(1). From the train station to Yunnan Police College

Take Bus No.2 to Jian She Rd., transfer to Bus No. 65 and get off at the stop of the Crossing of North Jiaochang Rd, then walk 400 meters.

(2). From the Airport to Yunnan Police College:

Take Subway Line 1 to Xi Yi Hotel, walk to the stop of Bai Hui Shop and transfer to Bus No. 65 and get off at the stop of the Crossing of North Jiaochang Rd, then walk 400 meters.

III. Admission requirements and application materials required

  Qualified to recruit international students in the year of 2014, our College began to recruit international students, from 2015, for short-term learning, Bachelor’s Degree and Policing Master’s Degree education.

1. Admission requirements

(1) Applicants are required to have good character, to abide by the laws and regulations of China and Yunnan Police College, respect Chinese social morality and customs.

(2) Physical health of applicants should be in accord with the “health check standards of foreign students in China” issued by the Ministry of Education of China.

(3) Applicant for a full-time master's degree should generally be under age of 40, with a bachelor’s degree.

(4) All applicants are required to pass new HSK test with score of at least 180 (level 5) or former HSK test level 6.

2. Duration of Study

Duration of Master’s degree study is generally 2 years, no longer than 5 years. Enroll in fall semester each year (around September).

3. Application Materials

(1) Application Form forstudy in Yunnan Police College (ask for the application form from police liaisonofficer of Chinese embassies and consulates to your countries);

(2) Diploma and highest academic degree certificate notarized by a notary public are required. Copies of courses and score sheets issued by schools should be in English or Chinese. Diploma and degree certificate of Chinese universities or colleges are not required to be notarized by a notary public;

(3) A copy of HSK result report;

(4) Two recommendation letters by associate professors or above (in Chinese or English), or by two senior police officers;

(5) Application statement and study plan;

(6) Two copies of valid passport;

(7) Three copies of recent ID photo in size about 62.5px*87.5px;

(8) Foreigner physical examination form.

4. Application time

Applications are accepted before May of every year.5. Application Procedures

(1) The above-mentioned documents are required to be mailed or delivered to Yunnan Police College;

(2) Materialverification;

(3) Qualified applicants should take the entrance examination in Yunnan Police College at the notice time;

(4) Applicants who passed the entry exam are qualified for admission.

IV.  Contact us:

Contact person: Mr. Li Peigen

Address:Foreign Police Education and Training Institute, Yunnan Police College, No. 249, North Jiaochang Rd., Kunming, Yunnan

Postcode: 650223

Tel: +86-871-65197410

Fax: +86-871-65197410

E-mail: francisbacon@sina.com

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