Enrollment Requirements of Yunnan Police College in 2016
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1.Full name: Yunnan Police College

2.College Code: 11392

3.Address: Jiaochang Road, No.249, Kunming, Yunan, China; postal code: 650223

4.Educational Level: undergraduate for 4 years

5.Educational Type: public college

6.Learning at campus: full time

7.Yunnan Police College was co-established by Yunnan Provincial Department of Public Security and Provincial Department of Education.As an institution of higher learning with its characteristic of arm forces, the college is mainly managed by Yunnan Provincial Department of Public Security. Over the years, YPC is featured with law majors, along with engineering, management and education majors. All majors take policing courses. Till now, there are 15 majors for undergraduate, 1 major for junior college undergraduates.

8.Candidate Students:

  For undergraduates: students who graduated from senior middle school or have equivalent degree;

  For junior college undergraduates: male fresh graduates of ethnic minorities of Yi, Hani, zhuang,Dai, miao, Lisu, Lahu, Wa, Yao, Jingpo, Buyi, Achang, Jinuo, Deang, Pumi, Nu and Dulong from junior middle school from designated counties of Jinping, Luchun, Hekou, Maguan, Funing, Malipo, Menglian, Lancang, Ximeng, Jinghong, Menghai, Mengla, Yingjiang, Longchuan, Zhenkang, Cangyuan, Fugong, Gongshan, Weixi and Deqing of Yunnan Province.

9.Enrollment Plan: details can be found in respective provincial enrollment plan of YPC

10.Male and Female Ratio: no requirement for non-policing majors;for policing majors, female undergraduates could not exceed 15%;for junior college undergraduates(5 years), males only

11.Physical Requirements:

    (1)For non-policing majors, physical test is based on the following regulations: The Guidance for Physical Examination of College Enrollment by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Chinese Association of the Disabled, and The Notice of Canceling Hepatitis B Tests in College Enrollment by General Offices of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. Due to the unified police-style management, the basic requirements are: no less than 1.65m height for males,no less than 1.56m for females and physically able.

    (2)For policing majors, the test will strictly follow The Interim Procedure for College Enrollment by Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Health.

Besides, candidates for undergraduates:height should be no less than 1.65m for males, no less than 1.56m for females. Fitness is necessary—no 25% higher and no 15% lower than the standard body weight.For candidates for junior college undergraduates:the height is no less than 1.60m. Fitness is necessary—no 25% higher and no 15% lower than the standard body weight.

Every candidate’s eyesight should be no less than 4.6. And there is no color blindness and color weakness.

Every candidate should be physically healthy, there is no obvious defects, such as harelip, cross eye, allophthalmia, wryneck, scar, dull sense of smell, pigeon breast, body odor, serious varicosity, toe out, bandy legs, flatfoot, stutter, tattoo, grey hair, humpback, weak hearing, no infectious disease.


    According to the documents by National Development and Reform Commission of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance and Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, the tuition for law majors is 4000 yuan every year, for management majors is 4000 yuan every year and for science and engineering majors is 4500 yuan every year. For junior college undergraduates(5 years), the first 3 years are free, the tuition for the 4th and 5th year will be charged by the standard set by Yunnan Provincial Price-Fixing Bureau.

13.Principles for Enrollment

    The college will strictly follow the national rules and regulations for enrollment, adopt the principle of college in charge of enrollment, the general admission office is supervising the process. With the notion of just, fair and open, only the best candidate(high score, good merits,etc.)will be recruited.

(1)Enrollment Principles for Policing Majors

All candidates are in the early admission batch, and are from designated counties. Every candidate should pass College Entrance Examination, the political examination, interview and physical stamina test. Yunnan Police College will enroll best undergraduates according to candidate’s willingness, gender, merits, intelligence and physical fitness.

(2)Enrollment Principles for Non-Policing Majors

All candidates are in the second admission batch. YPC will take examination score, willingness into account. For those who failed to fulfill the requirements, or refuse to study the major YPC offered, their application will be rejected.

(3)Enrollment Principles for Junior College Undergraduates(5 years)

    For those who fulfill the requirements, pass the Senior Middle School Entrance Examination, applied to YPC, pass the the political examination, interview,physical stamina test and ethic minority language test, YPC will recruit the best candidates on the basis of enrollment plan, candidate’s willingness, merits, intelligence, physical fitness, scores, etc.

14.YPC approve bonus point policies made by provincial enrollment office.

15.Foreign language test for all candidates is English. The foreign language teaching of YPC is College English.

16.YPC will enroll candidates from border areas and areas with Zang minority in 2016. The candidates should be the fresh graduate from junior middle school and take part in Provincial Aptitude Test(Senior Middle School Entrance Examination). The new recruits should master their ethnic languages and live in the border areas or minority Zang areas of Yunnan Province. Besides, there is not crime record for lineal relatives. With the love for Police force, every candidate can apply to YPC.

    The education for the candidates is 5 years’junior college of policing. The point is to train backup police force for border areas and minority Zang ares of Yunnan Province. All new recruits should sign The Training Agreement, after completing all courses, will attend and pass police force recruit test, then work in hometown police force.

17.With notice of admission, all new recruits will finish the registration within 15 days, otherwise will be disqualified.

18.YPC will reexamine all new recruit within the first 3 months;those who failed in the reexamination, will receive relevant consequences in accordance with relevant regulations.  

19.In order to encourage all students to be diligent,YPC established awards.

20.Poverty assistance: YPC established assistance system of awards, grants-in-aid, part-time work, loan, allowance, free of charge. Junior college undergraduates can enjoy the national policy of tuition waiver and allowances according.

21.All undergraduates will wear uniform and ID mark. YPC adopts police-style management at campus.

22.Graduates of college and junior college who had completed all courses and earned credits will be granted diplomas. Those who fulfilled the requirements for the bachelor in accordance with Regulations on Academic Degree of People’s Republic of China will be granted bachelor’s degree.

23.All police major graduates should attend and pass the Civil Servant(Police Force)Test and work in hometown police force. Non-police major graduates could work in police forces through test or be employed in enterprises or other social organs in accordance with local employing policies.

24.If there is any differences between this enrollment requirements and national laws, regulations and policies, please take those laws, regulations and policies as the standard.

25.The admission office of Yunnan Police College is the only department for the recruitment. There is no associated agencies or personnel. We welcome supervisions from other organs and parents.

26.Contacts:Telephone number:0871-65125133, fax:0871-65188859;e-mail:enrolpsc@sina.com; official website:http://www.ynpsc.edu.cn;supervising telephone number:0871-65187166

This enrollment requirements apply to the enrollment for undergraduate and junior undergraduate candidates. The power of interpretation for this enrollment requirements belongs to the admission office of Yunnan Police College.

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