YNPC Students Visit Thai Royal Police Cadet Academy
Release Date:2016-09-28 14:27:46 The Translator:Li Peigen The Auditor:Colin MacIntyre Reading Quantity:

Invited by Thai Royal Police Cadet Academy, a student delegation, led by Vice President of YNPC, Mr. Zhang Aiguo, consisting of 21 members, visited RPCA from September 5th to 16th, 2016. The delegation consists of 6 teachers and 15 students from different departments. Being a fulfillment of the MOU signed by the two institutions on December 5th, 2014, This visit was a great help to promote a relationship of trust, tolerance, friendliness and mutual benefit between the two institutions, and an important part of the strategic plan of expanding the influence of the police education of our country by actively promoting our cooperation with the police agencies and police academies of neighboring countries.

During the visit, detailed and thoughtful services were provided by RPCA, together with fruitful itinerary, ranging from course setting-up to discussion, from field trips to participation in the practical trainings, which made it possible for the student delegates to have a comprehensive learning and understanding of the police training system of Thailand. Through this visit, the view of the students of Yunnan Police College has been widen, with better understanding of the cultures, police systems and police law enforcement of Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia, which laid a solid foundation for the students’ future.

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