Mr. Guo Bao, Deputy Director of the Yunnan Department of Public Security Attends Opening Ceremony of 2016 Bangladesh Seminar on Public Security and Counter-Terrorism.
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The 2016 Bangladesh Seminar on Public Security and Counter-Terrorism was held from April 2-23 (21 days)at Yunnan Police College. This is the first meeting specially offered to Bangladesh, in which 20 police officers from different police forceswere trained. Mr. MD Daud Ali, Consul General of the Consulate of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in Kunming; Mr. Guo Bao,Deputy Director of Yunnan Public Security and President of Yunnan Police College; Mr. Wang Yi, Counsel of Yunnan Police College; and Mr. Zhang Aiguo, Vice President of Yunnan Police College attended the opening ceremony on April 5.

Before the ceremony, Mr. Guo Bao vividly introduced the national conditions and the condition of police forces in order to familiarize the trainees with their host China.

In turn, the head of the training class made a speech in which he delivered thanks on behalf of all the trainees.

 Mr. Wang Yi then made a speech extending a warm welcome from Yunnan Police College to the trainees.

Both sides hoped to strengthen cooperation and communication and wished growth inthe friendship between the two countries.

At the end of the ceremony, Yunnan Deputy Director of Public Security, Mr. Guo Bao, gave gifts to the training team and every friend visiting from Bangladesh.

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