Seminar for Intermediate and Senior Police Officers of South Asian Countries Is Officially Open
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On the afternoon of November 3rd, Seminar for Intermediate and Senior Police Officers of South Asian Countries, 2017 was officially open in Yunnan Police College (YNPC), which was sponsored by the ministry of commerce of China and held by YNPC and lasted for 21 days. Six officers from the Palestinian attended the opening ceremony. Vice President of YNPC, Lu Bin, dilivered the welcome speech.

Vice President of YNPC, Lu Bin, expressed a warm welcome to all the participants. He pointed out that assigned by the Ministry of Commerce, YNPC got rich experience in running seminars, workshops and training courses for intermediate and senior police officers since 2002. Lot of preparations for this seminar had already be made, and participants can gain knowledge and skills and as well as enhance a deeper understanding of Yunnan province and the whole of China.

   On behalf of all trainees, the group leader thanked the warm and careful reception of the college. He said that YNPC had the mature operation mechanism in police law enforcement teaching and foreign police training and he believed that they would learn a lot in the seminar. He hoped to establish a mechanism to pay mutual visit and to strengthen exchanges and cooperation.

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