Opening Ceremony of Sri Lanka Anti-Drug Law Enforcement Seminar Is Held.
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On December 4th, the opening ceremony of Sri Lanka Anti-Drug Law Enforcement Seminar was held in our college. Mr. Lu Bin, member of the Party Committee and vice president of our college, attended the ceremony and presented souvenirs to the participants on behalf of our college. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Zhang Aiguo, member of the Party Committee and vice president of our college. Group leader and other 19 officers witnessed the ceremony.

On behalf of Yunnan Police College, vice president Lu Bin extended warm welcome to the training-receiving officers. He said that the seminar was hosted by Ministry of Commerce of China and organized by Yunnan Police College. More than 118 training programs have been successfully completed by our college, mainly focusing on 64 countries from Asia and Africa. From the first Sri Lanka trainee of the 1st Asian Anti-Drug Law Enforcement Seminar on 2006, we have met 88 trainees from Sri Lanka, whose enthusiasm, friendliness and intelligence have impressed us a lot, and the seed of friendship have sprouted and grown healthily. Mr. Lu also extended his sincere hope on the mutual learning and strengthened exchanges, as well as the further cooperation of anti-drug law enforcement between of China and Sri Lanka.

The group leader of the participants expressed heartfelt thanks, in her address, to Chinese Government, Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department and Yunnan Police College for the extraordinary arrangements. She said that it’s a great honor to have the opportunity to attend the seminar, hoping to acquire some knowledge in the 21-days training, to strengthen the communication and coordination of the anti-drug law enforcement between the two countries, and to make a positive contribution to the social stability and enduring tranquility of these two countries.

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