An Opening Ceremony of Training Course on Anti-counterfeit Currency for Southeast Asian Countries in Yunnan Police College
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In Nov. 16th, Yunnan Police College holds an opening ceremony of 2017 Training Course on Anti-counterfeit Currency for Southeast Asian Countries. Zhang JIngli, deputy director general of Economic Crime Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Public Security and Fan Yunwu, deputy director of Economic Crime Investigation Corps of Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department attend this opening ceremony. Liu Gonghua, deputy secretary of CPC of our college make a speech in this ceremony. Deputy president of our college, Zhang Aiguo takes the chair in this ceremony with all participants from southeast Asian countries.

On behalf of Yunnan Police College, deputy secretary of CPC Liu Gonghua  expresses his warm welcome to the participants. He says that as the earliest college to conduct foreign aid training project, Yunnan Police College has undertaken 117 training courses and has trained more than 2500 foreign police officers from 64 countries all around the world. These courses has included law enforcement of drug control, entry and exit administration, border enforcement, traffic control, intelligence sharing, firearm management, counter-terrorism, security and guard, counter-telecommunication fraud, counter-cybercrime and so on. As for this training course, it is the fourth foreign aid task for anti-counterfeit. He sincerely hope that all officers in this course can set a high value within 15 days and take this opportunity with all experts, professors and participants from different countries to make in-depth discussion and communication and to further enhance capacity and level of cracking down trans-border counterfeit currency crimes.

Rotating monitor from Cambodia expresses his sincere thanks to Ministry of Public Security, Yunnan Public Security Department and Yunnan Police College for their extraordinary arrangement. He values this training opportunity very much. He believes that he will learn a lot during these 15 days. He hopes that he can learn from other law-enforcement departments and enhance communication from different participating countries in order to maintain different countries’ social stability and to make positive contribution to people’s safety and happiness.

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