An Closing Ceremony of 2017 Intermediate and Senior Police Officer Seminar for South Asian Countries in Yunnan Police College
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In Nov. 20th, the closing ceremony of 2017 Intermediate and Senior Police Officer Seminar for South Asian Countries sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by Yunnan Police College is held in Yunnan Police College. Lu Bin, member of CPC committee and deputy president, participates this ceremony and makes a speech. Zhang Aiguo, member of CPC committee and deputy president, host this ceremony with all participants.


Deputy president Lu Bin first expresses congratulations to all participants for their successful accomplishment of training. He says that “the Belt and Road Initiative” proposed by Chairman Xi Jinping has got more supports and responses of  many countries. He also says that this seminar is a very good practice of the initiative and the successful hosting of this seminar not only promotes policing communication and contact between our college and South Asian countries, but also increases further cooperation of police enforcement security between China and South Asian countries. He hopes that both sides can keep in close touch in the future and believes that China will have more cooperation and contacts with them. 

A participant from Micronesia expresses his sincere thanks to faculties for their efforts on behalf of the delegation. He says that this training makes their dream of coming to China come true, which was far out of reach in the past. He thinks although it’s a long way to come, they’ve got lots of knowledge and friendship during this training and it’s worth being so tired. Through training, he has experienced China’s advanced police work and prospective police teaching courses in Yunnan Police College. He also realizes China’s social and economic development on at the leading level. He hopes that he could have more chance to study in China in the future.

At last, deputy president Lu Bin gives The Governance of China written by Xi Jin Ping as a gift to every participant, hoping that they can have a better and deeper understanding of China’s art of governing.

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