The narcotics control training program for the Philippines is nominated as “The Most Influential Case in the International Law Enforcement and Security Cooperation in 2016-2017”
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To further deepen pragmatic cooperation with law enforcement agencies of various countries, jointly crack down on cross-border crimes, accelerate the substantive construction under Lianyungang Forum and build a flexible and efficient platform for multilateral cooperation, the 3rd Lianyungang Forum and the 1st International Cooperation Conference on Transnational Oil-Gas Pipelines Security was recently held in Lianyungang with the Ministry of Public Security as sponsor, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department as coordinator and Lianyungang Public Security Bureau as undertaker. During the conference, a vote was casted for “the most influential case of international law enforcement and safety cooperation in 2016-2017”. Through recommendation, Internet voting and expert review, the program of the Training Course on Narcotics Control held by Yunnan Police College was nominated. Liao Jinrong, director of International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Public Security, Cao Shiquan, president of People's Public Security University of China, Ma Weiya, deputy director general of Public Security Administration Department of the Ministry of Public Security, and Wang Yongsheng, deputy mayor of Lianyungang City and director of Lianyungang Public Security Bureau awarded “Gold Medal of Justice” and “Honorary Credential” to the winners.

Yunnan Police College held two training sessions for 70 anti-drug police officers during 2016-2017. After completing the training and returning back home, Philippine officers shared with enthusiasm what they have learned about China’s drug control and what they have seen and felt about China. In December 2016, the fourth volume of the Philippine National Police Journal, an official Philippine Police publication, published "China-aid Drug Enforcement Training for 50 Officers". In October 2017, the Philippine Star wrote “China holds anti-drug training program for the Philippines”, reporting that 20 Philippine officers took part in the training. At the same time, press media such as The Global and Mail and Yunnan Ethnic Tourism Web also reported this program, which aroused wide public concern and formed a favorable environment.

Yunnan Police College will take this nomination award of international cooperation as an impetus, learn from other police authorities awarded in this election for mutual benefit and win-win situation, and enhance participation and capacity in foreign police training.

The “Most Influential Cases in International Law Enforcement and Security Cooperation 2016-2017” awardees included the major joint actions carried out by both Chinese police and foreign counterparts or Interpol, and the mutual pragmatic cooperation, as well as law enforcement training programs and technical support for security programs. This award selection covers the important aspects of the current international cooperation in law enforcement and security, showing that building the shared community of law enforcement under the framework of the Lianyungang Forum is moving forward in a comprehensive way.

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