Sun Xuehua, Deputy President, Leads a Delegation to Griffith University
Release Date:2017-12-19 15:49:48 The Translator:王明媚 The Auditor:胡靖勇 Reading Quantity:

At the invitation of Griffith University of Australia, a YNPC delegation with Sun Xuehua, the YNPC deputy president, visited Griffith University and Queensland Police Academy from December 10 to 14, 2016.

Lan O'Connor, Vice Chancellor and president of Griffith University and Professor Ross Coomber, Director of Griffith Criminology Institute and School of Criminology and Criminal Justice attended delegation events and exchanged views with Chinese delegates on interschool cooperation. Meanwhile, a International Policing program was introduced by the project leader, and both sides had a talk on it.

The delegation also paid a visit to Queensland Police Academy. The acting senior sergeant from Leadership Center gave a general introduction about police training programs for senior officers and junior officers, and the recruits. And then both sides had a talk on policing training.

This visiting develops the academic cooperation between YNPC and Griffith, widens the channel of student’s programs, and lays the good foundation for further exchange and cooperation.





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