• 192017.12

    Sun Xuehua, Deputy President, Leads a Delegation to Griffith University

    p{margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:1pt;}p.X1{text-align:justified;}span.X1{font-family:'Calibri';font-size:10.0pt;}p.X2{text-align:left;text-indent:0.0pt;text-align:right;text-indent:0.0pt;text-align:left;margin-top:0.0pt;margin-bottom:0.0pt;}span.X2{font-size:12.0pt;}At the invitation of Griffith University of Australia, a YNPC delegation with Sun Xuehua, the YNPC deputy president, visited Griffith University and Queensland Police Academy from December 10 to 14, 2016.Lan O'Connor, Vice Chancel

  • 192017.12

    The narcotics control training program for the Philippines is nominated as “The Most Influential Case in the International Law Enforcement and Security Cooperation in 2016-2017”

    ‍‍To further deepen pragmatic cooperation with law enforcement agencies of various countries, jointly crack down on cross-border crimes, accelerate the substantive construction under Lianyungang Forum and build a flexible and efficient platform for multilateral cooperation, the 3rd Lianyungang Forum and the 1st International Cooperation Conference on Transnational Oil-Gas Pipelines Security was recently held in Lianyungang with the Ministry of Public Security as sponsor, Jiangsu Provincial Publi

Established in 1950, Yunnan Police College has enjoyed different periods of time, with different names as The Public Security School of Ministry of Public Security of Kunming Military Management Committee of PLA, the Public Security School of Yunnan Province, the People’s Police School of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Advanced Public Security College, etc. Our college was upgraded to an undergraduate college in 2003, and officially changed its name as Yunnan Police College. ......

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