2016 YNPC Prospectus for Professional Master Degree of Policing
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Established in 1950, Yunnan Police College has enjoyed different periods of time, with different names as The Public Security School of Ministry of Public Security of Kunming Military Management Committee of PLA, the Public Security School of Yunnan Province, the People’s Police School of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Advanced Public Security College, etc. Our college was upgraded to an undergraduate college in 2003, and officially changed its name as Yunnan Police College. Following the spirit of the mottos of loyalty, responsibility and dedication, our college is devoted to offering our service to the society. Ever since its foundation more than 60 years, taking the cultivation of multifunctional and applied talents as its goals, Yunnan Police College has supplied various kinds of talents up to 80,000 for the public security organs and political-legal departments at different levels throughout Yunnan Province, as well as 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities all over China. So far, our college has become the national training base of the chief directors of public security bureaus at levels of county or city, the Narcotics Control Police Officer Training Base of Ministry of Public Security, the Info-Communication Education and Training Base of Ministry of Public Security, the Police Logistics Base of Ministry of Public Security, the Training Base for the Police Officers from Southeast Asia, the National Training Base of the Law Enforcement Regularization for the Public Security Organs at County Level, the National Test Agency 

of the Chinese Martial Level, the National Training Base of the Self-Defense Tactics, the Exam and Assessment Base of Civil Servants of Yunnan Province, and the Research Base on Drug Problems of Yunnan.

Five disciplines, Laws, Sciences, Technology, Management and Pedagogy, are available in our college, with 15 majors at undergraduate level: Anti-narcotics, Laws, Public Security, Investigation, Boarder Controlling, Computer Science and Technology, Criminal Science and Technology, Traffic Controlling, Public Security Intelligence, Economic Crime Investigation, Public Service Administration, Social Works, Information Security, Police Canine Skills, and P.E. There are several research institutions in our college, such as Institute of Criminal Science and Technology, Narcotics-Control Research Institute, Forensic Center, and etc. There are also 3 outstanding major construction programs at national and provincial level, 3 key labs at ministerial and provincial levels, 1 provincial-level key discipline, 1 provincial level key major, 8 top quality courses at national and provincial level.

On December, 2012, approved by Academic Degree Commission of the State Council as a bachelor's degree awarding unit, our college started its pilot program of master degree, offering services for national specially needed talents training projects. Our college started to enroll the graduate students of professional master degree on policing from 2013.

Our college pays a close attention on the exchanges and cooperation with the departments of internal affairs, police agencies, police education institutions of neighboring countries, and countries from Europe, America and Africa. We have also built up a wonderful bilateral relationship with foreign colleges and universities, such as Thailand Royal Police Cadet Academy, Police Academy of Cambodia, Lao People's Police Academy, Central Police Training Institute of Myanmar, British Columbia Justice Institute of Canada, Science and Technology University of Macao, Macao University, etc. 2015 became the first year for our college to offer the master degree on policing for foreign students.

From a new starting point, holding Deng Xiaoping’ Theory, the Important Thoughts of Three Representatives, and the Scientific Outlooks on Development as our guidance, our college carries out thoroughly the spirits of a series of important speeches given by the general secretary, Mr. Xi Jinping, insisting on developing by inheriting, advancing by adapting, innovating by reforming, insisting on taking undergraduate education as our major task, developing Police professional education, the in-service training for police officers and the foreign police training, and actively developing graduate education. Carrying out vigorously the mottos of loyalty, responsibility and dedication, our college is trying its best to march forward to a modern police university which is famous regionally, by consolidating the center position of education and training, stressing the key position of the construction of faulty, strengthening the fundamental position of the construction of disciplines, solidifying the securing position of the construction of infrastructure.

Situated in southwest frontiers of China, our college is located in Kunming, the scenic eternal spring city. Covered by beautiful cherry blossoms in May, with its neat and nice environment, our campus is truly an ideal place for your research and study. You are warmly welcome to apply for the learning of professional master degree on policing.

I. The goals

To cultivate the applied special talents with high quality, who masters the basic principles of Marxism and the theory system of socialism with Chinese characteristic, who have good political quality and professional ethics, who are loyal, professional, good in actual combats, and bold to innovate, who are good at drug situation analyses and the strategic and tactical planning, who are able to solve difficult problems and the hot issues in the present anti-drug wars and carry out the anti-drug works independently, with the knowledge and skills related to the field of anti-narcotics, such as the theory of public security, the legal system of public security,  science and technology of public security, intelligence information, police English, etc.

II. Admission

40 students will be enrolled for the program of Professional Master Degree of Policing, 2016. (Based on the admission plan published by the ministry of education)

III. Admission requirements

Students are required to:

(1) be an in-service police officer of a public security organ;

(2) being in a healthy physical condition up to the national and our college’s requirements;

(3) under the age of 45(born after July 1st, 1971);

(4) two and more years after the graduation from the undergraduate learning, obtained the Certificate of undergraduate education and the degree of B.A.

IV. Application details

1. Police professional degree code: 035300

2. Time and location of application

October, 2015, as shown in the announcement of the ministry of education, or log on the website,, for more information,

3. Application procedures

There are two phases for the application for the examination for the postgraduate learning:

(1) log on to the China information network of the admission of graduate learning, apply for the examination on line, choose the examination site , and pay the application fee;

(2) confirm the application information and take the photo at the examination site.

4. Must to know for the students

All the students need to apply for the emanation according to the requirements of the online announcements of Minister of Education, the Education and Testing Institute of Yunnan Province, and Yunnan Police College. Any consequences of rejection of taking the exam or failure to be enrolled due to not applying accordingly, submitting online information by carelessness, mistakes or false information, shall be borne by the examinees. During the online registration, the examinee can modify the information on network.

During the online registration, an online verification will be carried out on the information of educational background and status of each student, and the result of verification shall be fed back within 3 days after the submitting of their online information by the students, for whom it will be OK for them to check out the result of verification any time they prefer. It is also OK for the students to log on the website,, to check the information of his or her educational background and status, before or during the online registration. For those who failed the verification, he or she needs to get an attestation of his or her educational background and status from the authorized certification bodies, which must be submitted for verification at the examination site during the on-the-spot reconfirmation.

V.  Qualifications needed

The following materials are required for the qualification approval:

1.  the originals and copies of graduation certificate and degree certificate. For those who hold the graduation certificate and degree certificate granted by other countries, an verification report from the Study Abroad Service Center of Minister of Education is required;

2. the originals and copies of ID;

3. the originals and copies of Police officer ID card;

4.  the Qualification Form of the Professional Master Degree of Policing, 2016;(with the seal of the department of personnel or records management of the unit which the examinee serve for)

For those providing false information or failing to meet the requirements, their qualification of going into second-round tests and being enrolled will be revoked.

 VI. Examination

The examinees will take the unified national examination. The preliminary examination will be held on October, 2015, detailed in the announcement of Minister of Education. With the following subjects included, Political Theory, English Two, the Basic of Professional Master Degree of Policing, the comprehensive of Professional Master Degree of Policing (joint exam subject). The subjects for the second-round test will be the Comprehensive Public Security and English.

VII. Admission requirements

1. Only those examinees, whose scores of the preliminary exams are up to the national requirements of the total score and the scores for each subject, are qualified to take the second-round tests;

2. Will choose the second-round testers at the ratio of 1:1.2, according to the total number of enrollment.

3. In principle, preferential acceptance will be offered to those listed our college as his or her first choice.

4. If any of the examinees are enrolled as directional employment, he or she, together with the units he or she works for, needs to sign an entrusting agreement with our college. 

VIII. Durations and programs

** The examinees are required to clarify the chosen program during the whole process of application, which is very important, and it is also required to clarify whether agree or not to be transferred to other programs; for those who didn’t clarify the programs, the college will see it as the agreement of any programs, which will be resulted as random acceptance.

IX. Fees

Students need to pay fees as following: for the 2-year program, RMB 12,000 per school year, which means RMB 24,000 in total, for tuition fee; RMB 2,400 per school year for accommodation fee. For the 3-year program, RMB 8,000 per school year, which means RMB 24,000 in total, for tuition fee; RMB 1,200 per school year for accommodation fee. During the learning here, the household register, personnel relationship and the wage relationship of the students will not be transferred, the salary and remuneration are basically constant, and the medical bills will be covered by the units the students serve for, where they will be back to after the graduation.

According to the related national policies, 3 different kinds of scholarships are available for graduate students in our college, national scholarship, provincial government scholarship and college scholarship

X. Others

1. The test papers of previous years will not be provided by our college, the auxiliary classes for the postgraduate entrance examination not held.

 2. The examination syllabus will be posted on the last third of September, 2016, which could be downloaded from this website then.

  3. Any further information needed, please contact us at:

Ms. Liu, the admission office of postgraduate education of Yunnan Police College,

College code: 11392.

Address: 249#, North Jiao Chang Road, Wu Hua District, Kunming.

Post code: 650223


Email address:

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