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Myanmar Participants Finish Emergency Response Training Course, Will Return Home
Release Date:2016-09-28 15:37:24 The Translator:Huang Qiong The Auditor:Janet Jamieson Reading Quantity:

The Training Course on Emergency Response held by the Ministry of Public Security and Yunnan Police College ended today, having lasted a total of 15 days.

After an intensive bout of coursework, 19 Myanmar police officers from the Sino-Myanmar Petroleum Pipeline successfully completed the training. The participants learned a lot from the course and all thought it very rewarding.

During the 15 day’s training, Yunnan Police College organized a quality lineup of teaching and translating staff to give focused and systematic lectures on security management for the Sino-Myanmar Petroleum Pipeline, management of people living on the China-Myanmar border, the disposal and command of emergencies, and the security management of other oil and gas pipelines. Trainers also introduced a basic working experience of Mainland China to the participants, and included a lot of extra-curricular practical training, including police mental and physical fitness classes.

The 19 Myanmar police officers achieved a lot in the course. They said that they had not only learned related police skills, broadened their professional knowledge, and gained something about science and technology, but had also acquired a better understanding of the rapidly developing country of China.

Mr. Zaw Min Lwin, the participant representative, expressedhis heartfelt gratitude to Yunnan Police College for their warm reception and considerate service. He pointed out that the teachers had sacrificed their precious time to impart knowledge and pass on experience, and affirmed that the participants will apply practically what they have learned, so as to promote Myanmar’s development. He hoped that China and Myanmar would continue to hold such training courses in the future, and wishedthe two nations an everlasting friendship.

After receiving their certificates of completion, the participants of the Training Course on Emergency Response will prepare to fly home at 10 o’clock on the 8th of June.

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