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Myanmar Training Course on Emergency Response Held at YNPC
Release Date:2016-09-28 15:39:14 The Translator:Liu Li The Auditor:Colin MacIntyre Reading Quantity:

On May 26, 2016, the Myanmar Training Course on Emergency Response was held at Yunnan Police College, authorized by the MPS(Ministry of Public Security) International Cooperation Bureau as part of their foreign officer training program. Mr. Zhang Aiguo, Vice President of Yunnan Police College, together with 19 officials from police forces in Myanmar, including the Oilfield Police Force, Mandalay Region Police Force, and Magway Region Police Force joined the opening ceremony hosted by Mr. Ma Minai, vice president of YNPC.

In the opening ceremony, the representative of the training course, Mr. Zaw Min Lwin, a police captain from Mandalay Region Police Force gave a speech, expressing sincere thanks to the MPS and the Chinese government for this valuable opportunity. He said it was a good opportunity for them to acquire knowledge and skills in the concerned fields, and that they would make great effortto boosting the friendship betweenthe two countries.

Vice President Zhang Aiguo also gave a speech, extending a warmwelcome to all the officials on behalf of the students and teachers. In his speech, he also expressed sincere thanks for the trust and support given by the MPS International Cooperation Bureau. He hoped that all the officials, experts and their counterparts could make full use of this chance to increase the well-being of the people of these two countries by strengthening information exchange, sharing mutual understanding and committing to cooperation.

Through this training course, law enforcement agencies from both nations are expected to learn from each other, enhance visiting exchanges, boost mutual understanding and strengthen friendships. At the same time, both countries are expected to make a great contribution to building a favorable environment for economic cooperation, strengthening law enforcement capabilities, maintainingfinancial order as well as ensuring the peaceful coexistence of the two countries.

At the end of the ceremony, Vice President Zhang Aiguo presented souvenirs to the officials on behalf of the students and teachers of our college.

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