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Seminar on Counter-Terrorism in Developing Countries Held at YNPC
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Authorized by the China Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Public Security, and hosted by the Yunnan Police College, the Seminar on Counter-Terrorism in Developing Countries was held on June 1-21, 2016 in Kunming. With English as the working language, 21 officials participated in the seminarfrom five continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Oceania), 9 nations (Grenada, Indonesia, Lebanon, Moldova, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Tunisia and Zambia), and 10 sectors (Royal Police, National Police, Ministry of Justice, Internal Security Army, National Defense Council, Counter-terrorism Council, Navy, Air Force and Social Development Department).

The seminar’s course curriculum focused on the combination of theory and practice in police law enforcement against terrorism. Thus the teaching involved bothclassroom exchange and situational practice. First, an academic lecture series focused on China's current situation and public security work, highlighting the advantages of the college in this field. At the end of the seminar, all the participants were impressed by the Chinese police's management system and the rapid development of its national economy and society. All recognized thatChina’s anti-terrorism principlesare closely tied to the real-world combat against terrorism. In particular, after visiting the special weapons and tactics department and witnessing the Cloud Leopard team’s practical performance, they believed that international cooperation in anti-terrorism can be improved.

5 of the 21 participants were Muslim, and since Islamic fast days occurred during the seminar, these individuals only ate at around 2000heach day with meals that were specially arranged. For the other 16 participants, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic faiths were represented, and so various meals without pork or beef were required, being served in a specially prepared buffet. At one point, when Mr. Ma, the college vice president personally visited them the dining hall, the participants told him humorously, “For such a good meal, we all want to train here for a year!”

College leaders attached great importance to the seminar, and Guo Bao, the college president, being unable to personally attend the closing ceremony himself, nevertheless arranged a gift-giving ceremony, at which time all the participants felt greatly honored. Furthermore, a variety of study tours were arranged, such as a visitthe EthnicVillage, Stone Forest, Beijing, and the Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau SWAT team.

These 21 participants from different countries and sectors are closely related to counter-terrorism. Through thisexchange, counter-terrorism situations, policies and institutions among all theparticipating countries were shared. Looking to the future, it will be helpful for all sides to implement further research on anti-terror problems and conduct law enforcement cooperation in the field.

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