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Cambodian Precursor Chemical Control Training Course Held in YNPC
Release Date:2016-09-28 15:45:32 The Translator:Chen Yuntao The Auditor:Colin MacIntyre Reading Quantity:

The 2016 Cambodian Precursor Chemical Control Training Course opened in YNPC on the afternoon of July 5th.In total 15 drug control officers participatedfor 15 days. In the opening ceremony presided by vice president Mr. Ma Min’ai, Mr. Wang Yi, member of the YNPC Party Committee, extended a warm welcome of gifts to the Cambodian friends on behalf of the college, whereupon he delivered a welcome speech.

Currently, drugs and precursor chemical crimes pose a great threat to the world. Therefore, the fight against drugs and precursor chemicals has become the shared mission of all nations. Through the training, the Cambodian officers discovered more about the current synthetic drug situation, both in Southeast Asia and throughout the world. They also learned about drug control and education in China, the rapid on-site detection of drugs and precursor chemicals. and advanced experiences of drug-related criminal investigation.

Through study and observation, China and Cambodia will improve communication in their fight against drug and precursor chemicals crime, enhance better understanding, deepen their bilateral friendship, expand common consensus on the fight against drug and precursor chemicals, and strengthen cooperation, especially in drug control personnel training and law enforcement cooperation. This willgreatly promote social stability and create peace and happiness for people of both countries.

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