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Anti-Counterfeit Currency Trainees Receive Police Psychological Behavior Training
Release Date:2016-09-28 16:28:43 The Translator:Gu Jun The Auditor:Colin MacIntyre Reading Quantity:

On September 4th, 2016, participants of training course on Anti-Counterfeit Currency of Laos, Myanmar Vietnam and Cambodia received police psychological behavior training, which was instructed by two associated professor, Ms. Zhang Hong and Mr. Wang Yingchun of Physical and Mental Health Center of Yunnan Police College.

The theme of training was the cooperation and communication of team member. Experiencing-style teaching method was adopted in the class. Two activities were delivered during the 3 hours. The 1st activity was information passing. Two group members were chosen randomly from 16 participants of training course. For each group, 8 members passed message in turn via their body language. The last member told the message in speaking loudly to the class. The participants knew more deeply than ever before about the importance of information passing and cooperation among group member, especially when they could not speak any word in the game. The massage for members of the first group should be passed was a pig, but the 8th member of group told it was a dragon, which made everybody laughed a lot. The friendship between participants was enhanced through the interaction in the activity. The 2nd activity was named jigsaw puzzle. Members of 7 groups were asked to put a puzzle together within limited time. The spirit of teamwork had been strengthened because skills of barrier-breaking, human foibles overcoming, goal-setting, cooperation, leadership, resource allocation and rational competition were practiced thoroughly.

Thanks to the two associated professors’ effort, the 16 officers from Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia opened their minds and improved their psychological behavior with an interesting beginning and a happy ending of class.

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